Saturday, December 9, 2006

Not much out of the ordinary happened yesterday. We finished up our school week, are at McD for dinner, and then rented a movie to watch at home. This morning we went and got a Christmas tree. I also found a beautiful pink poinsetta for $3 and a wreath. This is the first time we have had a real tree in about five years. The kids had a blast even though we just bought it from Lowe's. We have straightened it out three times already since setting it up. I hope that it finally is just right.

Oh, how I would like to sew something. I want to sew a purse pattern that I have had for some time now. Maybe the week before Christmas I will get some time to do so. I wanted to sew one for myself and my grandmother. Her birthday is Christmas eve, so she has gotten jipped pretty much all her life. She was born right before the Depression and has vivid memories of it. I have tried to get her to write down some things about her life, but she thinks it is too depressing. It's my heritage, though, so I will continue to encourage her to do so. Back to sewing- it is fun. I think that I will try to sign up for some classes at one of the local fabric shops this spring. Maybe one that Naomi and I can do together. She is old enough now, I believe. If Mom were closer, we would definitely sew together. She is the one who introduced me to it. I hope that Mom and Dad can one day live nearby us again. Like next door.

Farewell, for now.


janjanmom said...

Go ahead and teach Abram to sew as well, just in case he grows up to marry one of mine-they can quilt together. All of mine "sneak and sew". It is too funny. They are getting lots of gifts of that practical nature. ( :

Wow, Mom next door?? (In voluntary shudder!!) Mom-in-law next door?? (The involutary shudder is hers!)

janjanmom said...

Just to clarify, that meant my mom and mom-in-law next door to me. ( :