Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, it's past the fourth of July, isn't it. I can't even remember that far back. Oh yeah, we played volleyball (not I, but Chad) with the other life groups from our church at a local park. Fast forward to today- September 18, 2007. It's a Tuesday. Yesterday was a REAL Monday! I had an awful day, therefore my kids had an awful day because they live with me and my husband and their father was out of town. We prayed last night for a better day today, and once again He came through for us. Schooling went well this morning, no one broke their neck on the trampoline that doesn't have a net yet, I got a short nap this afternoon, my doctor appointment went well, the kids ate their dinner with no problems, we had a nice evening walk together, and they were all clean and in bed by 8:30 p.m. I also got to talk to my brother for over an hour tonight on the telephone. More fun and laughs. I told him this will probably be the last conversation for a while other than "hi and bye" since the baby is due in the next month or so. The doctor told me that all my gained weight seemed to be baby weight (Hurray!) and that the baby is still in the right position and doing well. Apparently, the baby's size is a week ahead of what it should be measuring at this point, so maybe I will have it a week early. All of my others have been early, but I won't count on it. The due date is Oct. 26th. Well, that's enough for now. I'm tired. Good night.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Last week I went to see Evan Almighty with two of my friends. It was really funny. I have not seen a good comedy in quite some time, so it was very enjoyable to watch this one. There was about a 15-minute span there in the middle of the movie where I could hardly catch my breath from laughing. They just kept on pouring it on. It had some good biblical truths in it, too. It certainly won't replace the Bible, but it was a good reminder of God's sovereignty.

It has continued to rain here in west Texas. We haven't had any flooding, thankfully, but way more precipitation than ussual. The temperatures have been about twenty degrees cooler than normal which is great for the pregnant women, not great for swimmers. We have still managed to swim once or twice a week in our new pool. The water turned green once but cleared up after I shocked it. Chad has been swimming with the kids quite a bit, which they absolutely love. He horses around a lot more than I do, needless to say. Yesterday I was out adjusting the water in the pool when I noticed clouds overhead and long grass all around me. This was mid-morning so I was feeling rather energetic. I hurriedly grabbed the lawnmower and proceeded to mow the yard in a fine mist. It was great! I kept cool, got some exercise, and the lawn looks good. I was telling Chad last night as we cleaned up the kitchen how it is funny that I can easily mow the grass with a push-mower, but it is all I can do to put the 13x9 inch pan back in the bottom cabinet under all the other baking dishes. He put it back for me, by the way.

Our life group is going well. We are really growing in our relationships with our other groupees. It is very nice to have people around you to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. Tomorrow for the fourth of July, we are going to a local park for fun and games with other life groupers. Hopefully it doesn't get rained out. I will be watching as others participate in games such as volleyball, frisbee, and something else. Hamburgers are on the menu, I believe. I think that everyone from our group will be growing.

I have decided to start back in with the schoolwork at the beginning of August. That will give me a jump start before the baby is born. Well, gotta go. The kids are hanging on the back of my chair while I try to type which just doesn't work. They want to go outside.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Naomi arrived home a little earlier than expected Friday afternoon. We had to jump out of the pool and race over to the church to pick her up. We were very glad to see her. Then we proceeded to go to CiCi's Pizza for dinner that night. It was a relaxed reunion. I bought Esther her first pair of flip flops on Saturday. She is so fond of them that she slept with them on her chest for her nap that first day. They are the first thing that she thinks of each morning. Chad and the boys went fishing Saturday morning while the girls and I went shopping for his Father's Day gifts. The kids were sick on Father's Day, so we celebrated it a week late. We got him a pair of athletic shorts and the new United CD. He said Saul has no fear when fishing, therefore Abram has gotten a lot braver too. Both boys love to fish just like their dad. Abram is now baiting his own hook, casting and taking the fish off the line. Apparently, Saul would just grab the fish right off the hook, and Chad had to hold him by his shorts so he could release the fish back into the water. That's my boys! I love for them to do that stuff with their father. What bonding!

Back to Naomi- she had a great week at camp. She felt good except for having pink eye in both eyes! Wow! I had that once and it is pretty miserable in the morning. She told us that she drank hot chocolate and orange juice with breakfast and then Dr Pepper with lunch and dinner. No wonder she was dragging when she got home from camp. I told her that she was probably having withdrawal symptoms. She has never has that much caffeine in her life. That's camp for you. Freedom! Also they would stay up until ten everynight. Naomi grew up a lot last week. I'm so glad she got to go. She spent Saturday afternoon and evening with Alena and her family. It may have been too much after a week at camp, but she had fun anyway. It ended up being another late night for her.

Sunday after church, both Paloma and Stran came over for the afternoon. The kids horsed around in the pool and rode bikes and played dress-up and whatever else they could think of to do. That evening we had life group. There were four couples including us and nine kids and two babies. It was total chaos (well not total) but still very good. I have come to the conclusion, and Chad agrees, that we will have to get a sitter at least to keep an eye on the little ones (and feed them and get them drinks) so that we can have discussion without being interrupted every five minutes. Esther was the main one whining. I think she has simply made a habit of it since being sick all of last week. Anyway you live and you learn.

I am feeling much better this week. I had really been in a funk the past couple of weeks. Thankfully the burden seems to have lifted. It's funny how everything can look so bad when one goes thru a season like that. I just felt angry all the time. Everything seemed to get on my nerves. I'm grateful to feel like myself again. I'm sure Chad is too. Most of my discontent was aimed at him, whether he knew it or not. I have no doubt that my enemy was shooting arrows at me nonstop. Thanks to God though I came through it with not too many wounds.

Right now our preacher is teaching on the different names of God. I continue to be challenged in my walk with Him. It is good. Not always fun, but good. Time for me to go to bed. I'm tired.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I pretty much just dragged around today. I am still dragging- probably won't write much. No, I am not sick, just worn out, I think. Esther was still feverish mid-day, but I hope that will be the last of it. Naomi comes home tomorrow. I'm ready. I miss her and I am anxious to hear all about her first camp experience. The first two nights that she was gone, Esther slept in her own room- I believe because she was feeling so sickly. Last night and tonight she insisted on sleeping on the floor in the boys room. I figured she would have wanted to sleep with them every night, but everything is different when there is an illness in the house. I wonder if Naomi will come back a little more independent after her week in the mountains. Either way, she and Abram are going to have to step up and help me more around the house because I cannot do it all. I see that more and more clearly each day. Alena, the girl that we co-host with another family from church, is here for the next month. She comes each summer from another country for six weeks to stay. We had her two summers ago full time. Last summer we had moved away, so another family picked her up. This summer, since we are back. we get to co-host. The other family keeps her most of the time, and we just take her a couple of days. Actually it is working out great because I am not responsible for getting her to all of her doctor appointments and so forth. She just comes here for a couple of days to have fun with the kids and to give the other family a break. She is nine, like Naomi, and comes from a family of six kids. She is second to youngest. Anyway, when she comes over, she is a big help to me without my even asking. I see that Naomi and Abram could be doing much more in the way of clearing the table, unloading groceries, andother little quick things like that. The timing is just right since I am about worn out. And really, the kids don't seem to mind. I've started asking them to help with extra things and it hasn't killed them yet. I never did anything as a child, so it is hard for me to realize what kids CAN do! They receive an allowance now and understand that it is for helping out with chores. I think Saul is ready for a little bit, too. He is so LOUD! Everything that he feels seems to come out in a yell or a whoop or a wail. Nothing quiet about him. That is simply how God made him. What type of man will he be, I wonder? Good night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow! Is it really the middle of June? Where have I been? I don't even know. We just celebrated Saul's 4th birthday. He got to be sick. Isn't that special?! Then of course, all the others have followed suit. Naomi almost didn't get to go to camp. I sent her anyway. Hopefully all is well since I have not heard anything. They are only five hundred or so miles away, so there is not much I could do now anyway. Except pray. Since my last blog, I have finished up the kids' schoolyear, went to my niece's graduation in LA, set up an above ground pool for the first time with Chad's help, of course, and prepared to send my daughter to camp in another state. I am past the half-way point in my pregnancy. All is going well there. The sun has arrived in west Texas, which is good if you want to swim, not so good if you are pregnant. Actually, I still am pretty comfortable. The old belly is starting to get in the way, though, especially if one is trying to hold sick kids in one's lap. I am trying to enjoy the summer, but the work never seems to end. God is faithful, as usual, I must admit. He has not given me more than I can endure (1 Cor. 10:13).

I ordered the kids' curriculum for this upcoming year today. The total came in at less than $500. I am becoming realistic in what I will actually be able to accomplish during the school year, especially considering the birth of a baby at the beginning of it. I think I am at the end of my thoughts for today. I will hopefully try this again tomorrow. It is nice to be back.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Esther loves to pray at mealtime and bedtime. We don't always understand what she is praying, but she is faithful and the cutest part is that she often follows her prayers with the line "Jesus is coming" in a very sincere voice. We don't know where she learned it, but we love to hear her say it. I always reply, "Yes, Jesus is coming." We're to have faith like a child, you know.

My good friend from Kentucky and her family were here to visit Tuesday evening and Wednesday. The first night they had dinner with us. She has three girls of her own, so we sat all the kids at the dining room table while we adults just ate in the living room. Well, Esther was sitting between two of the girls, both of whom she did not remember. To Esther they were complete strangers. While everyone else began eating their dinner, Esther just sat there tight-lipped and glancing around. Twenty minutes later when everyone was done and had left the table, Esther, finally sitting alone, began to eat her food. And she cleaned the plate. She did loosen up by the end of the evening, and we all had a wonderful visit. Yesterday we went to Frontier Texas! which is located here in town. It was really interesting and kid-friendly. It told of the history of this particular part of Texas through film, artifacts, and art. Saul and Esther had no problem staying with us. It was great!

Last night I had my first Pampered Chef party. My friend is a consultant, so I hosted a party for her. There really are some fantastic products in Pampered Chef. Chad and I both like to cook; me mostly out of necessity. Therefore, most of the products really appealed to me. I only had three people show up, but I have a couple who want to look at the catalogs. I love looking at the catalog!

Today I think we will do a little shopping. I just noticed that Bed, Bath & Beyond has a clearance sale on sheet sets. I need to get some for the kids. Then we will just mosey on through the rest of that shopping center afterward. Stores like Old Navy, Ross, and others are there. Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow! It's been almost two weeks since I blogged last. I guess I sort of checked out there for a while. I think it is partly due to being pregnant and tired right now and partly because of the homework that I have to do as part of my bible study class. Anyway, I've missed it!

Earlier today, I tried to take a pregnancy test at the local health unit. The doctor who delivered Esther no longer delivers babies, so I had to find a new doctor. The new doctor requires that I bring in proof that I am pregnant, but it can not be a home pregnancy test. That is why the kids and I made a trip to the unit this morning. I had called yesterday to find out the procedure and was told "I think they do a blood test." Okay. She thinks they do a blood test. I arrived this morning during the designated hours and entered the nurse's office. She proceeded to ask me how many periods I had missed and since it wasn't two yet, I would need to do a blood test. The stipulation for that is that you could not have had any relations with your husband seven days prior to the test. If only the woman on the phone yesterday had given me some details! Anyway, I said I would come back in a couple of weeks because I wasn't in a rush anyway. My first appointment with the doctor is not until April 17th. Well, the nurse strongly encouraged me to do the blood test when I return, but I told her the urine test would be fine with me. She frowned at me like I was a 15-year-old schoolgirl. I left. It struck me as silly that she would want a housewife and mother of four to take a blood test for proof. Seems unnecessary to me. Either test will show proof of pregnancy. Meanwhile, the kids behaved themselves very well out in the hallway. Saul didn't like the idea of waiting out there, but Abram told me as we left that Saul tried to be defiant by not sitting in his chair like he had been told to do. However, when a lady walked out of the office, he quickly found a seat! She didn't even know he was supposed to be sitting down. I thought it was funny! He's not so brave yet.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

It is much cooler today than it has been in over a week. Still nice, though, mid-sixties and sunny. I was able to get the kids to church on time yesterday for the evening meal without having Chad's assistance. It is so much nicer when he is with us. We sat at one of the kiddie tables. Obviously, we don't do that normally because Chad would never be able to fit his knees under one of them. I did so last night to give Saul and Esther some freedom and fun, and also so that I wouldn't feel obligated to try and talk to any grown-ups while attempting to keep the kids in line. After we ate, I also was able to get them to their individual classrooms and still manage to arrive at my destination with a few minutes to spare in which I could chit-chat with my friend before the session started. It's so nice to have friends. *Especially the ones that I can stay on the phone with for three hours! Whew!* My friend here in town and I are getting closer all the time. We took our daughters to watch a play Sunday after church. It was nice... and spontaneous. Chad has really made an effort in the past year to allow me to do things spontaneously with my friends. It has been so nice. I really try to allow him the freedom also to participate in things that come up suddenly. Actually, it is pretty easy for us to do so since we get to spend so much time together on a regular basis. I look forward to him getting home this evening. We had a nice talk last night before we went to bed. He had made good traveling time and was able to have a relaxing evening. I hope it goes as well today since bad weather is forecasted for the midwest. I have to run a few errands now, so I'll be signing off.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I just finished curling Naomi's hair. It looks lovely, and she is so happy. Yesterday I let her play around with my hair while I was reading with Abram on the couch. I think that was the high point of her day, if you can believe it. I was planning to let my hair grow, but I will definitely do it now. She enjoys fixing hair so much that it would be good practice for her to work on my hair. Maybe she will even learn how to braid it for me. Esther won't let her do very much with her hair because it knots so easily. I have had to start braiding Esther's hair every night before bed just to keep it from becoming a bird's nest while she sleeps. She has beautiful hair, but it is labor intensive.

Chad left this morning to fly to St. Louis for a walk-thru at a base out there. He will be home tomorrow evening. We don't like for him to leave anytime, but now he will have to miss the Wednesday evening service at church, which he enjoys very much. It won't be as easy for me either to get all the kids settled for dinner. Actually it will probably work out just right since we usually have about 20 minutes to spare. I am supposed to lead my small group for the ladies' bible study tonight. I really like the women in my group. I didn't know any of them before we started. One of them homeschools also.

I'm off for now. Bye.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday. The sun is shining beautifully again this morning. We have had just lovely weather for about a week or more now. I love it- sunny blue skies, cool breezes, spring. We try to get outside as much as possible. Chad likes to take an afternoon run, and Naomi usually rides her bike alongside him. Abram has been walking with me recently. He enjoys pushing the little kids in their cart. Sometimes we go on a family bike ride. That's what Abram likes best. It's fun.

Only eleven weeks of school left. Wow! In the background, "Redeemer" by Nicole C. Mullen is playing. It is one of my all-time favorite songs. It moves me everytime I listen to it. I heard her sing it once at a worship concert with Michael W. Smith and others, and I was reduced to tears. No explanation for it except that it stirs up my spirit that much. We have been listening to a new station called Air1. It plays Christian music. Although it is not necessarily worship music, it is uplifting and it rocks! We have discovered all sorts of Christian bands that we like. Some of them are BarlowGirl, Skillet, Fireflight, and others. Really talented bands who love the Lord. Back to the subject of school, we are moving right along. Abram's reading ability is just improving by leaps and bounds. I'm very encouraged by their progress. I may start Saul in the fall on some little preschool workbooks. Something very simple. And I'll probably ask Naomi to start reading to him and Esther more often. Abram will be able to read to them, also. He already does.

I can hear the kids getting a little rowdy in the living room, so I'll have to sign off for now.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just part of being a mom

Thursday night I stayed up practically all night with kids. Abram stumbled into our room at about 11:40 p.m. (only about an hour after I had gone to sleep). I noticed a light coming from the hallway and assumed he had turned on the bathroom light. Well, when I got there I saw that he had actually turned on his bedroom light. Now, Abram just about sleepwalks. I can't say for sure that he does, but he often doesn't remember getting up by the next morning. Anyway, he had pulled everything off the bed except the fitted sheet (thankfully!) and dragged it across the floor. He also had pulled up the blinds on his window, which I had to fight with for about a minute to get back down. Poor Saul was sitting up in his bed wondering what had happened and why the light was on. I sent Abram to the bathroom and proceeded to make the bed again. After I finally got them settled back in for the night, I returned to bed. Less than an hour later, Saul came out needing to use the restroom. Okay. Less than an hour after that, he came out again saying he needed a drink because his throat was dry. After putting him to bed that time, I decided it would be a good time to run the dishwasher. *There is enough hot water in the middle of the night and it doesn't affect baths or clothes-washing.* I went back to bed and not much later, Saul came in crying that his ear hurt. I realized then that I needed to give up the idea of actually getting any sleep. By that time, it was somewhere around 3:oo a.m. I tried laying down with him in his bed, but he kept whining and tossing and turning. So then we tried the rocker. While I rocked him, he just couldn't get comfortable at all. He simply did not feel good. Around 3:30 a.m. I heard the girls talking in their room. I went to investigate and they walked out saying that Esther needed to potty. I sent Naomi to bed and tended to Esther. I got them back in bed and asked Saul if he wanted to try the couch. We tried that but it didn't work very well. Finally, at 5:10 a.m. we went to my bed. I figured it would be alright if we woke up Chad at this time because he was about to get up anyway. And I was exhausted! I just wanted to lay down on my own pillow! Chad later told me that Saul did flop around for a little while but then fell into a deep sleep. We slept until about 6:30 a.m. thankfully. Saul said that his ear was still bothering him, but he never felt feverish to me during the night only uncomfortable, which was good. After he ate breakfast, he ran outside to play with Abram, never showing any signs of pain or illness since. I was glad but didn't recover as quickly. I think after my two-hour nap today I may have finally recovered. What I did realize though last night(the night after) was that my prayers had been answered. I had prayed as I had cared for Saul all that night that God would heal him- and He did! After a whole night of feeling bad, Saul was as if nothing ever happened by the end of breakfast. It was a miracle. Really neat to see in hindsight. He never even showed any signs of suffering from missing out on a night of sleep! Praise be to God!

Other than that, things have been the norm around here. Later!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay, I'm back. After not blogging for a week, Chad finally asked me if I just wasn't going to do it anymore. I said that I just hadn't taken the time, so he said to do it now. So here I am. We are expecting numero cinco some time late this fall. We just found out Sunday morning. Of course, we suspected as much. I was a little concerned about having had dental work done when I might have already been pregnant, but I know that I must trust God in this. After all, He knows all. I have my new gold tooth in now, by the way. It's so shiny! Just a sparkling smile!

I had a really good conversation with my sister the other night. Some real bonding happened. She is 13 years younger than me, so we have not had much in common (other than our parents) until the last two or so years. I really feel for her being a young married woman with two small children, trying to balance work and family. It's not easy in those early years. She's doing well, though, and I am trying to encourage her when I talk to her. I know that we all need someone to encourage us. Her faith is growing in leaps and bounds, too, I noticed.

There is one funny thing I wanted to write about before I forget it. Last week sometime, Saul and Esther were playing in the back yard together. Well, we suddenly hear screaming and yelling from them both. I assumed they were fighting and didn't move from where I was hanging clothes in Naomi's room since I saw Chad running out to see what all the commotion was. Come to find out, the neighbor's little terrier, Tina, had snuck in through the gate. She often comes in to play with Abram. Saul and Esther, in particular, do not enjoy her as much. Apparently, Esther was laying on the ground screaming and Saul was between Esther and the dog yelling when Chad arrived on the scene. Chad said that Saul would have been cursing if he knew how as he protected his sweet innocent little sister from the big evil dog. He was yelling something along the lines of "You get out of here or I'll ..." as he shook his fists with rage. The dog only wanted to play. Chad escorted her home and the excitement ended shortly thereafter. This is daily life at our house. I figured that Saul would be the protector type, and I think that I am right. He has a short fuse concerning things that he thinks are not right. He sure is a good boy. I just pray that those strong feelings that he has will be God-honoring in his life. I think that they will. Naomi has really been growing in her faith this last year. She is just as pleasant as can be. She accepted Christ as savior back in the fall. She hasn't been baptized yet because we moved right after she had done so. I prefer to do it at our current church since Chad will be able to baptize her here. Abram is understanding more and more each day too. He has a good heart. He believes in God but doesn't fully understand the need to be saved from his sins yet. He's close. I just keep watching and praying. More than anything else I want my children to be followers of Christ. I have faith that they will be. That reminds me- since Naomi found out that we are expecting another baby, she has been praying every chance she gets that we will have twin boys. I'm afraid it will happen because of the faith of her prayers. God knows best. That's all for now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's funny how the enemy can make us argue with the ones we love and are in agreement with over spiritual matters. Chad and I had words Wednesday night after church and again early Thursday morning. We threw out some accusations at each other and then didn't talk until lunch time yesterday. It had been awhile since I was last angry with him. It was good (now that we are on speaking terms again!). It all started when I asked him how the Q&A meeting on spiritual gifts had gone. I am attending a ladies' bible study so wasn't at the meeting that night. Well, as Chad began to fill me in with details (and he is very good at remembering details), I made a few faces about the subjects discussed. Chad and I are at different stages in our walk with the LORD and also have different personalities too, which I believe play into the whole thing. I mean, we are created uniquely, each one of us. We all have different life experiences that affect our faith. Chad got offended by my facial expressions, which I can understand, and then he decided I must be very close-minded because of it. Normally, we will give each other grace for differences in opinion. But not that night. It is amazing to both of us now how quickly things can escalate in those situations. I was mad and hurt. I don't know what he was feeling, but I'm sure it was about the same. We have since made peace- Chad approached me at lunch time to do so (I just wasn't up to extending the olive branch first). These trials always boost us along in our faith and our relationship as husband and wife. So, I am thankful. I sure didn't enjoy it though. Well, Saul is standing at my side asking for his morning banana. I must go now.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Saul is an eating machine! On Friday morning I made some scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, and green onion tops in them. Well, while the other three kids picked at their plates, Saul gobbled his down and then finished off Abram's too. Green onions don't bother him any. Then this morning we just had instant oatmeal (which can be pretty filling), and he finished off Abram's bowl again. I cannot imagine the food this child is going to put away when he is fifteen. It's gonna be a fright!

We had a good weekend. We put together another puzzle- this one is of a steam engine coming around the bend with lots of trees on each side of the track. Grandpa should like this one. Our life group went well. We talked about marriage and what the bible says about the roles of husband and wife. It was good. We feel it is important to know what marriage is all about and how to enjoy it.

Today we start back in with school and work.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chad and I went out with another couple last night for dinner. We had Japanese food. It was great. We had gone there before, so we knew what to expect- huge amounts of fried rice with shrimp, chicken, and steak cooked right before our eyes. The chef was good. He made quite a few wise-cracks. That is part of the job, you know, to entertain the guests, and they certainly do a good job of it. So you get entertainment and good food all at once. It is not outrageously expensive either. I had enough left over to have for lunch today. We probably could have fed our whole family with one plateful really. This was the first time Chad and I have had a date since we got back to Texas. It was about time, too. We will have to make it a habit again. It just takes a while to get started, that's all.

Today we went to Wal-Mart to do some much-needed shopping. Naomi brought along her gift card from Christmas and purchased the dc talk JesusFreak (10th anniversary) cd. We have been listening to it here at home for the last two hours. I like it, too, which is good. I consider them to be kind of pioneers of pop Christian music. Third Day is probably who made Christian music really popular. I like both groups. I am amazed at the variety and talent of today's Christian artists. Whatever style of music you might like, there is most likely a Christian artist performing it. Isn't that great? I mean, music has such an influence on us. Chad and I haven't listened to anything else but Christian music for over five years now, and I love being out of the loop on secular artists. Not that they are all bad- many of them just don't honor God with their music. Doesn't mean they aren't talented. For me, trying to honor God with my life includes listening to music that encourages my Christian walk because the walk isn't easy. But oh-so worth it! I have been blessed many times over since trying to live for Him over the past ten years or so. I knew Him long before that, but didn't include Him in my daily decisions. Life is much more joyful now. There is hope even when things go wrong. "For He delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the fogiveness of sins." Colossians 1:13-14

The kids listen over and over, until we tell them to stop, to a song on the cd in which Michael Tait of dc talk sings out of key, or alto or something, the song JesusFreak. It is funny the first few times, but the kids know how to run some things into the ground.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I only have a few minutes, so this will probably be short. I got my temporary cap put on my tooth Tuesday afternoon. That went well. I like my new dentist. I liked my last one, too, just new insurance doesn't cover him. My permanent crown will be gold. It goes on one of my molars on the bottom row. It will show slightly when I belly laugh. Maybe even when I smile- I have a big smile. Anyway, it is just another sign of growing older because I am not concerned about whether it shows or not. I just want it to be strong enough to last for many years (like until I have great-grandchildren). Yesterday I cleaned the house, partially anyway. We went to church last night. I started a new women's bible study titled Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark by Jennifer Rothschild. It is only a seven-week study so that is not too long. I look forward to it. I'll have more info next week. Today has been schoolwork so far. It turned back cold today. High in the 30's compared to yesterday's upper 70's. That's okay- it's easier to keep the kids focused on their work when it is cold outside.

Chad and I got back on our strict budget yesterday. For the past year, it has been rather casual. We're excited. It feels very good when we know exactly where we are spending. As Dave Ramsey says, we are controlling our money rather than it controlling us. Well, I am a little tired so I will head back to the classroom for the afternoon session before I fall asleep. Having the kids elbow me always helps to keep me awake, at least for a little while.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Colts won! I hardly watched any of the game, but I am glad they won. I would not have been upset had the Bears won, though. Chad pulled up some interviews with players from both teams for me to see before the game yesterday afternoon, and quite a few of them, along with both head coaches, are Christians who are strong in their faith. That was quite refreshing to see. And encouraging! I love to see men and women who confess their LORD.

Life group was fun. The guys watched the game and the gals talked and the kids played. Everyone had a good time. The food was good. The fellowship was good. All in all it was a good evening. Only problem was that Chad and I did not get to bed as early as we should. He is very tired today. Of course, he also gets up about an hour earlier than I do.

The kids start Echo tonight. It is a program at our church that teaches worship through the arts. I enrolled the kids in Hip Hop beginners. They will attend a class every Monday night for the next two months, and then our church has a worship night in which everyone is invited to come. It has always been wonderful and moving. Naomi has participated once before about two years ago. This will be Abram's first time. It will be good for them. They are always dancing here at home to the worship music, so I do not think they will have any problem practicing.

Nap time. Gotta go.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wow! I had my first comment from someone I didn't know. Kinda freaked me out. I'm recovering, though. I guess my life is just that sheltered that having a comment from someone I didn't know threw me off for a second. No, I did not know that Dr. Hovind is in jail for tax evasion. I do know that he knows his science, and that is what I like about him. He also loves God and Jesus Christ, and that is what I really like about him. Is he perfect? My all means, NO! But neither am I, yet we have the bond of Christ in us. I have to forgive as I have been forgiven, which is much.

On to other things. Chad is home and had an awesome time at the men's retreat. He was a little short on sleep, though, which he is making up for at this time. We are glad to have him back, even though he was only gone for one night and part of the next day. I can't say how important his presence is in the home! I pray that more men would see how much they are needed by their families and not just with a paycheck either. I pray that more women would let their husbands know how much he is needed in the home, and not by nagging but with encouragement and respect. It made such a difference in our marriage when I began to respect Chad as the head of our household, and he has certainly stepped up into that rightful role and done a wonderful job. We are very happy together, yet we still have to make a point of putting the other before ourselves. And, most of all, God has to be at the center or you can never achieve the rest. God is faithful!

We took the kids to a class on salvation, baptism and communion today. Abram had a hard time paying attention. He had already attended an hour long Sunday school class and that may have accounted for his inattentiveness. Naomi did better, but of course she is older. It was a good class, but I realized during it that Chad and I are the ones who need to teach them. And we have been doing so.

Tonight we go to some friends' house for life group and the Superbowl. I don't know how much of it we will be able to watch. There are quite a few small children involved in our life group, including my own. I think we are supposed to have minestrone soup. Neither one of us is real familiar with it but should enjoy it. Our taste buds have certainly developed over the past few years. By the way, we ate at Golden Corral last night. The kids had received gift certificates from the dentist to eat there, so we did so. The vegetables were not nearly as tasty as the ones we steam at home. I have come to appreciate the natural taste of veggies without being drenched in butter, although I do still like to dip my fork in ranch dressing when eating them sometimes. Thankfully, none of the kids had stomach problems while we were there. The past two times we have eaten there, Saul was sick in a bad way. And not from their food. He apparently had the stomach problems before we went in. I felt so guilty both times about having a kid sick in the restaurant (not to mention that I did not get to eat) that I wanted to disappear. But that is part of life, isn't it! Remember, I am to find the joy in the trial now. I am to know that God will grow me in some way if I just persevere. That is so easy to say since I am not in the midst of a trial at this time. Well, this has been nice but I am done for now. Farewell, good friends.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Check out Dr. Kent Hovind's website. He heads up CSE Ministry. Creation Science Evangelism is his passion. He often debates evolutionists wherever they might be willing to meet with him. He has a great sense of humor and is highly knowledgeable in what he believes. I found him to be very interesting. Chad and I first heard of him in a Sunday school class that played his Creation Seminar Series which includes about seven DVDs. All very interesting and eye-opening. His website is www.drdino.com.

Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Friday evening and the kids and I are about to order some pizza. Chad went to a men's retreat for tonight and tomorrow with a group from our church. I don't know what I'm going to do tonight- I can't read fiction or watch a movie. Ouch! This is when I feel the pain of fasting like I should. I'm sure God has some plans for me. Pray that I hear Him. Other than that, I don't have much to say. School is going well. Esther is potty-trained and only wearing diapers at night. I got my hair trimmed and am pleased with the results, and I made plans to get it high-lighted next time I go. That's all for now.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's just after lunch, Thursday, and it is snowing. Big, fat flakes. I don't know if they will accumulate or not. Depends on how long it lasts, I guess. It is very cold today. Not as cold as IL, I'm sure, but still cold. I had a bowl of soup for lunch, and we are going to have leftover gumbo tonight- perfect for cold, damp weather.

We attended a meeting at church last night concerning youth and for youth. It included many of the local church youth groups and was very informative on what youth are being bombarded with today. It was very encouraging to see so many teens in one room worshiping the Lord, probably upwards of 500, would be my guess. It really is a war for their very souls. Chad and I are doing battle for our own children, but I don't know how much we are doing for others. What would the Lord have me do, I wonder? I will just have to pray about it.

Our dentist appointments went well. Chad grimaced a little over having to pay some money out of pocket for my checkup. I am going to start the process of getting my tooth crowned next week. I could have begun on Tuesday, but I just couldn't without sleeping on the price. My insurance won't cover a crown and it only costs $950. After I slept, I thought it was worth it and Chad agreed. That emergency fund sure is handy to have at a time like this. Well, it is time for naps and the afternoon school session. I'll have to go now.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I read an interview with Katie Couric in Reader's Digest yesterday. In the past she has said some things that I didn't like, but I thought I would give it another try and see what she had to say. Well, when asked if she thought it was important to give her girls two parents (her husband died of colon cancer in 1998), she replied in the answer "You don't need a traditional family to raise a child with a sense of security." That is true, but it helps don't you think. What I didn't like this time is that she went on to say, "Of course, father-daughter night at school drives me crazy because I think it is so grossly insensitive." (Emphasis mine.) When I think of her sharing her opinion with millions of viewers every night, I cringe. To say that a school is insensitive to celebrate the father-daughter relationship on account of the families who have lost the father or never had one is unfair. She also made a slam against marriage in my opinion. Just in her tone, really; nothing that she said in particular. Anyway, read the article if you want. It is in the February 2007 issue. I just wanted to air my grievances.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sorry I haven't checked in all weekend. Just spending time with my family is all I can say. On Saturday, we drove around the countryside some more and then made the big trip to Wal-Mart. Since I am potty-training Esther, I was not much help at the store. She and I spent most of the time in the restroom where she refused to use the big toilets. She screamed and yelled because she really had to go but did not want to do so. She ended up holding it until we got home. It's still worth the hassle, though, to have her out of diapers. When we got home it was lunchtime. When we put the little kids down for a nap, Chad and I decided to take one also and ended up sleeping for about two hours. It was wonderful!

On Sunday, we had a guest preacher by the name of R.T. Kendall. He spoke about "dignifying the trial" mentioned in the second and third verses out of James 1. They read as follows:

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance."

He really focused on how we can be joyful in the midst of our trials. His first point was based on 1 Corinthians 10:13, which is one of my favorite verses. I have really leaned on that truth over the years. He also pointed out John 5:44 and how we can please God rather than man when going thru a trial. It was a good reminder about how life in Christ can be while here on earth. It can and should be joyful.

We had our life group again Sunday evening, and it was a lot of fun. We had finger foods and played games. Next week we are going to one of the other couple's home for the Super Bowl. We are really getting to know one another better. I'm thankful.

I wrote half of this yesterday (Monday) but had to leave off for childcare reasons. Yesterday the kids and I finished Johnny Tremain. I think I read over 100 pages, but I'm not sure. I'm glad to be done. It was a good book. This week we slow the pace down to a normal schedule, except for the fact that we all have dentist appointments over the next two afternoons. I have to get a crown put on one of my teeth. It has been broken for a about a year almost to the day. I broke it about three days after we moved to Kentucky and was never had time to get it fixed while there. So today is the big day to start the process of getting it capped. Tomorrow I am getting a haircut, or trim rather. I am trying to let it grow long again. I feel like I will be able to do it this time. We'll see. Right now it needs to be shaped. I haven't had it cut in almost three months but that does allow for it to grow. I hope to be back with an update tomorrow.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I am officially a Texan now. I spent half the day driving around, dishing out big bucks, just to make me and the van citizens of Texas. I also signed my organs away in case something should happen to me. We drove around the countryside looking for possible places to build. I have had a house plan for some years now that I would love to have built. We would like to live out in the country on quite a few acres of land. Maybe have a horse and some goats. Who knows? It's fun to dream! We are trying to sell our truck and get some money back in the bank. We finally got a potential buyer yesterday. I hope he buys it. If not, it's going to the Albertsons' parking lot where it will get more lookers hopefully. We live on a cul-de-sac, so there is not much thru traffic, if you know what I mean. I guess there are a couple of 12-year-olds from the middle school nearby, but they haven't shown any interest so far. The reason we are selling the truck is because Chad has a work truck and ours just sits on the street. We haven't even driven it since before the big freeze two weeks ago. What a waste! It's a good truck. I can't stand to see a vehicle just sitting there. Our van sits there enough, as it is. I am definitely not an on-the-go mom. I could sit here all week with no problem. I've inherited this trait from my mother apparently because she told me yesterday she had been going somewhere almost every day and was worn out. My dad is the opposite- he loves to be on the go. Outside anyway. It's funny I can see both of them in myself, more of my mother though.

Time to go get the kiddos ready for bed. So long!
I saw the word "beforehand" twice in the bible last night when I was reading. I had to laugh to myself about the timing. I read the book of Jude and something else, and it was in both of them. I also read a little bit about how the church decided which books would be in the bible way back in the 3rd and 4th century. It was pretty interesting since I really didn't know much about it. Time to go fix breakfast now. Abram just told me he is really hungry.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I decided today would be a good day to tackle potty-training Esther. All in all, it went well. She went pee-pee at least three times on the potty and more than that in her pants. I'm going to tough it out for three days, I figure, and then all will be done. Three days of washing and cleaning up is worth it to get her out of diapers.

Chad and I switched to decaf on Tuesday, and I was surprised to discover that caffeine already had enough of a hold on me to give me a headache for most of that first day. I really don't like being dependent on anything (besides the Lord)! It bothered me pretty much. I'm really glad we made the switch. Chad handled it better than I thought he would. Of course, I always think that he is a lot more addicted to things than I am. He's pretty tough, though. He didn't complain.

In the past week or so, Esther has started eating her vegetables heartily! Wow! I was ready to label her a pickier eater than Abram. I really need to watch what I say! It seems that I keep putting my foot in my mouth. As I get older, I keep realizing that I still have a lot to learn about life. On a final note, I hope everyone learned at least one thing that they didn't know about me beforehand (Is that supposed to be a compound word or not?).

Five Things You Don't Know About Me (2nd time around)

1. I was born in Wiesbaden, (West) Germany because my dad was stationed there in the army. We moved back to the U.S. before I was one year old. While growing up, at school I often had to tell where I was born for one reason or another and the kids would always ask if I was German. Sometimes I would say "yes" but couldn't fool them for long because I didn't know a word of the language. (Dad will already know this one about me, if not all of them.)

2. I cracked the windshield of my dad's jeep with my head when I was 7 years old while he was trying to pull our cousins' truck out of a snow-filled ditch. I was able to walk away from that one thanks to the snow hat I was wearing. This incident explains why I am a genius today.

3. I have completed a 25-mile bike ride at least once since I have had kids. I would have done it another time if it hadn't been for a certain person who had to keep stopping close to the end of the race to fix the light or something on his bike until my legs finally cramped up. I'm not referring to Chad either. You know who you are!

4. When I was in the 8th grade, I had some cool Converse tenny-shoes that were pastel pink, yellow, purple and blue. I really liked them. It was one of the more daring things that I wore at that time. I didn't like to stand out in a crowd.

5. I never dreamed of being a mom when I was a little girl. I always loved kittens and puppies, not babies, and here I am now a mother of four and loving it! I don't even have any pets. I would like to have some for the kids, though.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

There. You see, you still don't know. I couldn't think of anything. You know how I'm like an open book.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's just after lunch, Tuesday. I am finally sitting down to write something. Honestly, I have just been at a loss as to what to say. The Sunday morning service was just as emotionally draining as I expected. I arrived home with a headache and the knowledge that I would not get a chance to rest because I had to cook a soup for that evening. Life group turned out well- I was only a little frazzled and was able to enjoy visiting with everyone. We had two families come with their children. The kids were like wild indians, which was no surprise since it was the first meeting. Our next two or so meetings will also be the get-to-know-you type so that the kids and everyone else can get used to it. I expect the kids to settle down after a couple of times and just play, without yelling. It's just so exciting for them, especially my kids.

This week we have a red flag waving on our car that says "LIFE" in honor of unborn children. It sure makes a lot of noise when one is driving. Our preacher recommended that we use that annoying racket as a reminder to pray. Good idea! The flag made so much noise on the way home from church Sunday that Esther was able to stay awake until we got home. She said over and over, "Whuz zat, Daddy? Eetz flag, Daddy?" Saul wasn't bothered by it much and managed to doze off. We have at least a 10-minute drive home; plenty of time for a small child to get mighty comfortable after a morning of playing and doing activities with other small children his size and mindset.

This is the last week that I need to double up on the schoolwork. I counted out the weeks left until the end of May (when I would like to be finished), and I have an extra three weeks to cover any mishaps such as illnesses or only God knows whatelse that might arise. I'm glad, although I know that at first it will seem strange to not be pushing all the time to get things done. It will probably take a week to adjust. At least a week. Well, it's time for me to put the little ones down for a nap and then get back to school. Later.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It is Saturday, and we are about to embark on house cleaning. I did not do any on Wednesday other than the necessities such as dishes and clothing since we had taken Monday off from schoolwork. Tomorrow night we begin our Life Group here in our home. It is a getting-together with other believers to do life together that is strongly encouraged at our church. Pray that all will go well and God will be honored. Chad and I have tried to lead a Life Group in the past and we let circumstances stop us from sticking with it. This is a difficult area for me, especially, because I tend to let myself get overwhelmed with the idea of "entertaining" people in my home, which is not what the idea is about anyway. So pray that I will keep my eyes on the Lord and follow through with this and therefore reap the reward He has in store for me by communing with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We will be meeting with about two or three other couples weekly for about two hours on Sunday evening. We plan on starting it out with food and fun until everyone feels comfortable with each other. We know all of the couples but they do not all know each other yet. And we don't even know them intimately ourselves except for maybe one or two. In the past, I had tried to keep the kids "not seen and not heard" but that sure did increase the pressure, so this time we will try to keep it pretty free. The kids will be directed to stay to their rooms and play for the most part, but I do not want to be like a dictator about it. That is not any fun, nor does it represent life in my opinion. Speaking of life, it is getting close to the anniversary date of Roe v. Wade. Please be praying about abortion in our country. I believe it is one of Satan's biggest lies. I hate abortion, and I really feel sorry for women who are tricked into believing it is the best thing for them. I think that they really suffer for a long time afterwards in many different ways. Three years ago when I got pregnant with Esther, I wasn't expecting it as I had in my three earlier pregnancies. It was hard for me to accept because I hadn't "planned" it. I cried the whole first week. And it softened my heart toward women who have abortions because prior to that I definitely would judge them as hard-hearted women. I never considered abortion in my life, but there I was- a married woman with a family struggling with the hardships that another pregnancy was bringing. By the way, Esther is such a blessing! But I had a loving husband, financial resources, and so forth when I found out I was pregnant and it still hit me like a brick wall. I can just imagine how someone without those benefits must feel when finding out about an unexpected pregnancy. So now I pray for women in that situation rather than condemn them as I had before. God really opened my eyes in this area, and I am so thankful that He did. Anyway, with all that said, I am very pro-life. I always have been, but now I am also understanding of women who have made that choice and feel empathy for them.

"And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you." Ephesians 4:32

This verse has spoken to me so many times in my life- I love it!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yes, we are definitely experiencing winter here. The weather channel is calling for more snow/sleet/freezing rain, a.k.a. wintry mix, over the next few days for this area of Texas. I'm glad it is January because I would really be complaining if it was March. That is one of the reasons I didn't mind leaving IL a few years ago- the long winters! I remember the city pool never warmed up enough until July to actually enjoy the swimming. Of course, the pool there was the size of a football field so that might have had something to do with it. It was an awesome pool.

That's all I have to say for now. Maybe I will check back in later on today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Woke up to a little snow on the ground this morning. Needless to say, the kids were all excited. They didn't know about until their dad was walking out the door for work and commented that there was snow on the ground. They immediately forgot about the rest of their breakfast and started running around whooping and hollering. I helped them a little with the donning of their snow clothes but had decided that I would not wear myself out for them to be outside for 10 minutes. Because of the lecture that I gave them on this subject, they did stay outside for about 20 minutes. Every 30 seconds or so, they would call out to me to see something they had discovered in the backyard. I finally had to tell them not to call me unless it was an emergency because I wanted to get dressed. Not long after, they came in.

Abram is starting to read with confidence. He has turned that corner where a person sees the joy it can bring. He is asking me if he can read his next story instead of the other way around. This morning he began reading one of his earlier books to Saul. It was a great moment!

While we were home so much this past weekend, Chad discovered a new love- building with Legos. I don't know how many different houses and boats he put together- everything that was in the book probably. Now he wants more. I suggested we hit some garage sales because we could probably find them for pretty cheap. He liked that idea. He also did about ten puzzles with the kids. I even helped on the one with 750 pieces. What was I thinking when I bought that from Aldi for $2? Actually, it was fun since we were all working on it together. No, we did not finish it.

Special note for JanJan: Chad went to the store yesterday and bought five more gallons of milk. We drink it at every meal.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We spent another day at home yesterday due to the ice. Chad had the day off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. anyway. I did venture out late in the afternoon to the corner gas station to buy a gallon of milk. I don't like that ice. Our front walk to the house was completely covered with a layer of slick ice. Then I couldn't find an ice scraper anywhere (we must have left them in IL) so I had to use an ice pick to get the ice off of my windshield and passenger window. Brrrr! Chad was able to leave for work this morning with comparable ease. He doesn't have a whole lot going on today so we should see him back at the "home office" fairly soon. We are on weeks 18 and 19 according to our school schedule and will therefore be caught up in another week or two from where we had fallen behind when we moved. There are 36 weeks total in our curriculum. Boy, it's hard to read that much out loud when we double up the weeks!

I have decided to give up reading fiction (except for the read-alouds for the kids) for the next 40 days along with the movie-watching that Chad and I jointly decided on. I know it will be good for me. Well, I must go now as time is ticking away.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Severe Weather Alert

We are definitely iced in this morning. We looked on the web first thing when we got up. Preacher Mike's blog said that he had spoken to the police dept. and therefore cancelled services this morning. We also looked at Beltway's website and they had cancelled also. If that hadn't convinced us though, the sight of our vehicles covered with a layer of solid ice would have. We took the kids outside to show them the bushes that were frozen and that was when we got a close-up of the cars. We don't park any of them in the garage because we don't have an automatic door opener (it would only cost $35 to order one from Sears but we haven't gotten around to discussing it with the landlord yet) and it is not worth the time to manually open and close the garage door unless there happens to be an ice storm in the area. Anyway, we are not expecting any emergencies. Who would?!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Possible ice storm today; better make that probable. Chad and I were supposed to go to a Josh McDowell conference at our church tonight, but I don't think we will make it. We drove thru an ice storm once and vowed never to do it again. Besides, I don't think the babysitter will be allowed to drive over to our house in this kind of weather either. I hope the conference is cancelled and then rescheduled. It is all about what teens face today and why their beliefs are messed up often times.

I finished the first hat and have started a second one. It is pretty easy on the loom. Chad is making a gumbo in honor of the freezing weather. Thankfully we have plenty of food and milk in the house and won't need to be getting out for anything other than an emergency.

There is some land south of town that we had looked at last time we lived here. It is still available. We are going to check into it. Oh-oh, Chad's calling. Bye.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The draft is posted on January 10th.
When I woke up this morning, I grabbed my bible looking for a place to read in it. Titus caught my eye, so I proceeded to start from the beginning of that book and what do I run across right away but this:

Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips, nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, that the work of God may not be dishonored. Titus 2:3-5

Wow! Is that awesome or what?! I was encouraged and challenged by it. I was reminded of what my role really is in this life that God has so graciously given me. There was another verse referenced in the side notes for the part that I italicized. Here it is:

Therefore, I want younger widows to get married, bear children, keep house, and give the enemy no occasion for reproach. I Timothy 5:14

Now, some of you may be wondering what I am getting at and it is this- for me, the decision to stay home and care for my family God had continually shown me His approval. Not only through His word, but in my everyday life. No, I do not walk around on cloud nine with a silly smile on my face, but I am satisfied. My satisfaction is in the Lord. He is good.
Alright now I am going to post my draft from the other day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We did some house cleaning yesterday; well, I guess I did most of it actually. Chad does a great job of regularly vacuuming and dusting, so all I really have to do is take care of the bathrooms and mop the floors. I also washed the sheets yesterday, and naturally it was extremely windy outside while the kids played in the backyard. They had dust all over their clothing and all the way down to the roots of their hair. We have a Wednesday evening service at church and don't usually get home until close to 8:00 p.m. (their bedtime). Well, I told Chad that they absolutely had to have their hair washed, I didn't care how late it was because I wasn't about to have any dirty heads lay down on clean pillowcases. Of course, Chad didn't argue. Washing the sheets is a special occasion for me, as you can see.
We are still reading Johhny Tremain. It only has 322 pages that I have to read aloud to the kids. Thank God that it is a very interesting story, otherwise I might croak in the process.
I was just now able to demonstrate to Naomi the art of indenting a paragraph. I had just been skipping a line between the paragraphs rather than indenting, so when she pointed in out I went back to do it the other way for her. Every day when we do her dictation she has to indent, so it caught her attention.
Chad and I are at another crossroads in life which I talked about yesterday but didn't post it. I just drafted it because I didn't know if I was ready to hear anyone else's opinion on the subject. I am so reserved in that way. Anyway, Chad said that he has realized that he needs to participate in the homeschooling process actively, not just as a principal-type figure. We think that maybe helping with the history reading would be a good place for him to start . I read the fiction, such as Johnny Tremain, but he will read the textbook portions which are not very long but just seem to be too much for me to do. He is a very good husband. God has blessed our marriage and continues to do so.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One of the local grocery stores is having a sale on their milk this week, so last night we went out to take advantage of this special. We had drank our last drop of milk at suppertime. We bought seven gallons for $13.93. That is a real deal in this present day and age. Obviously we are big milk drinkers. We have it with every meal. One of my friends told me the other evening that the Jewish people won't drink milk when eating meat because the two are difficult enough to digest alone. It has not affected us so far as I can see. I have to admit that I am not up-to-date on Jewish customs. They really do intrigue me though.

On Sunday while I was away learning how to knit on a loom, Chad ran across a segment on 60 Minutes Online called "Quiver-Full". Those of you familiar with Psalm 127 will know what it is referring to. The show interviewed a family of ten who was part of this Quiver-full movement. It is Christians who don't practice any kind of birth control. They let God decide how many children will be added to their family. Anyway, Chad was moved by this. I had been hit with it in the face years ago when I read a book titled A Mom Just Like You. The book was written by a homeschooling mom of ten (at the time) who had been convicted early on in her marriage that she shouldn't try to control the womb. It was a hard read, but a good one. I didn't have to do anything then though because my husband didn't agree with it. It is a different story now. I have no choice but to admit that I know we (Chad and I) should be placing our faith in God in this matter. I can't tell you how many people ask us if we are done having children. Every week at least. I kept asking myself, "Why do they keep asking me that?" Well, now I know. Chad has been grinning like a cat since Sunday. I have been grimacing. I know that I have to be obedient, but it is not easy to laugh about it. When God gives us a clear direction, we have to obey or I believe there is a break in the relationship with Him, a wall so to speak. This is our direction that he has given us. I am certainly not saying that everyone has to do this. God has shown this to me and Chad personally. I have been saying since Esther was born that she was probably it, and she may be. I kept saying that I didn't want to have children after 35. Every time I would say that I would feel a little prick in the back of my mind. I knew all along that God wasn't going to let me go on thinking that I could decide in this area. By the way, I am already feeling more peaceful about it. I needed some time to digest it.

Psalm 127
Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, To retire late, To eat the bread of painful labors; For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep. Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They shall not be ashamed, When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Even though yesterday was a Monday, it was a good day. At lunch time, we went outside to enjoy the Texas sunshine and to get some fresh air. Since I didn't feel like swinging on the rope from the tree, I took out my Knifty Knitter and some old yarn I had and began to work. Immediately the kids came over to see what was going on. My Knitter consists of four circular looms of different sizes. Naturally, each kid wanted one. I chose to let Naomi work on the smallest one while I used the next size up. And we began. After about half an hour, I had to go in to put Saul and Esther down for their naps. Abram took over working on my loom while I was gone. He had been in my lap assisting me prior to that. Guess what? Naomi and Abram are hooked. They are over half-way done making some hats. I help Abram on his, or he helps me on mine, (whichever way you want to look at it) and I will have to do the finishing up. I am a little nervous about that part.

Chad listened to the Ohio-Florida game last night via the computer, or most of it anyway, and I guess I did too. It was pretty disappointing. Ohio lost. Now, it had only been 51 days since they had last played. The same thing happened to Illinois a couple of years ago in the Sugar Bowl against LSU. IL had not played in about six weeks and got stomped on. That is what basically happened to Ohio. It just doesn't seem like much of a game under those circumstances. Okay, enough about the football.

Chad just got home and said that I need to go tend to the clothes situation, a.k.a. Mt. Washmore as my good friend puts it.

Monday, January 8, 2007

We had a good weekend. Yesterday morning our pastor challenged us to fast for forty days starting next week. Chad and I were both in agreement on what we need to fast from in our lives. We look forward to focusing on God. It's good to be reminded that God should be first in all areas. It's easy to think that we are doing pretty well- no "big" sins going on and so forth. But we know it is not about being good, but loving God.

In the afternoon, I went to Michael's for a free demonstration of my new Knifty Knitter. It really does seem to be easy. I haven't yet had time to try anything on it, but maybe I will this evening. Chad and I watched The Fiddler on the Roof this weekend and enjoyed it very much. It supplied some food for thought and the music was excellent.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

We took the kids to Home Depot this morning for the free kids' craft that they offer on the first Saturday of every month. We have been participating for about two years now. Each child receives a small building kit of some sort. Today it was a bag holder (Wal-Mart bags, for instance). It is really neat. We parents usually have to assist in the assembly of the project which involves hammer and nails. After the child completes the project on site, he or she will receive a certificate and snacks. Our kids really look forward to it each month. Actually, Chad and I do also. Home Depot gives the kids cool orange aprons too. All the children end up looking like miniature employees-of-the-month. Today Naomi and Saul each won the give-away prize for the girl and boy respectively. She got Tinkerbell wall stickers and he got Nemo wall stickers which they each promply put up on their stark white, rental house, bedroom walls. That worked out pretty well for Esther and Abram since they share the rooms with them.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just called it quits for homeschooling today. We could always do more, but sometimes one just has to say "that's enough!" Our read-aloud is Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. It is very exciting and long. Naomi noticed right away that it was written by a woman named Esther. Then asked me if that was her real name or her pen name. I honestly don't know. I'll have to read the "about the author" section. I'm not letting Naomi read her next book yet. She only read three books over Christmas vacation! Abram is still reading the simple readers which I have to really help him along with. He is doing fine.

Tonight I am going to watch The Pursuit of Happyness with a friend. Chad already saw it and said it was really good. It will be fun to get out with her. She has four kids also, about the spread of mine, but her youngest one is Naomi's age. Well, time for me to log off. Farewell.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

We started back in on our homeschooling today. It went well, especially considering that I really did not prepare for today. I simply pulled out the books this morning to see where we were and got busy. The kids were just a little bit rusty in the subjects that are tough for them- Naomi in math and Abram in reading. We will be back in the groove by the end of the week, I'm sure.

I finished Anne of Green Gables today. It was excellent. I laughed outright more than once as I was reading it. I have the next two in the series but don't dare pick them up for fear of not getting anything else done. They will have to wait until the next school break. I really enjoyed the dialogue in the book. That is the same thing I liked so much about Jane Austen's books- the dialogue! Anyway, I recommend this book to all females, ten and older. I'm sure some guys would enjoy it also. I read a few parts to Chad and at first he said that Marilla was mean. Later, I was able to help him see the humor in their relationship (Anne and Marilla).

It is so cold today. I was simply freezing earlier. I had to put on my fleece jacket and slipper socks, then drink a cup of hot coffee to get rid of the chill in my bones. I think that the temperature outside is above fifty by now, but it was below freezing until noon. At least, that is what it felt like to me in the house. This house will be wonderful this summer when the hot sun is beating down all around us; however, right now it really keeps the cold inside and the sun's warmth outside. That's all for now.