Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day 2008

Hello again. It's been awhile. The longer I wait in between, the more that happens that I can write about. Phoebe is rolling over now. She is all over the place when we put her on the floor. It's very cute. She is getting on a schedule and we haven't even hit the six-month mark yet. I'm so glad. Life gets so much easier when the baby gets onto a schedule. She is in the crib for the most part, but occasionally when she cries in the middle of the night I will put her in the bassinet in my room so she doesn't wake her siblings. That is easier than standing there next to her crib until she goes back to sleep. If I put her in the bassinet, I can lay there massaging her until she goes back to sleep (usually within a few minutes). Saul and Esther still wake me up once each on average to use the bathroom. That's okay, though, since I go back to sleep fairly easily.

I don't remember if I made note of it last time, so I will this time.
  • 8 lb 1 oz, 20" at birth
  • 9 lb 1oz, 22 1/2" at two weeks
  • can't remember two months
  • 16 lb 1 oz, 27" at four months

Yesterday afternoon, Chad finished typing up the final paper he needed for his next level of certification and put it in the mailbox to send off. As soon as he got back in the house, he realized that he had forgotten to include some important dates for the info, so he went back out to get the envelope. As he was coming back into the house the second time, we see the mailman coming around the corner. "Oh well", we thought,"we'll have to wait to send it tomorrow." Not more than five minutes later, Chad walks in with the mail and shows me an envelope with his next level of certification inside. He already had gotten it. We laughed outright at the timing. Chad had been putting off writing that paper for some time and just as soon as he was obedient to do it, God gave him the certification. He had written a paper a couple of years ago that they had apparently kept on file without informing him of it, so he thought he needed to do another one. Anyway, I'm writing this so we can remember God's faithfulness to us. It probably won't mean much to anyone else.

I think we have found a house that will fit us well. We are excited. We have wanted one for a long time. We had our eye on another one for about the last six months or so, but God never gave us the go-ahead. A friend of mine told me about this one several months ago but I truly wasn't interested. She mentioned it to me again last week, so we looked into it and we were very pleased with what we found out. It's more our style- simple and comfortable. We'll easily be able to bring in our old furniture and not feel bad about it. I'll try to keep this updated, but it may be several months before I blog again.

Abram and I just went for a walk around the block and decided to have a little race on the track at the middle school. He left me in the dust, but at least I was able to run. It felt good. I think that I could have beaten someone 10-15 years older than me probably (a woman anyway).

I didn't play any jokes on anyone today. Next year maybe.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Tomorrow

Okay, tomorrow is the first day of spring. Says who? The equinox? Whatever! We'll see. We had a short but severe storm Monday evening. We got to witness a straight-line wind over 60 mph in the backyard. Talk about pick up some dirt and throw it! We have no grass back there due to the dogs and the swimming pool that we put up last year, not to mention the fact that we live in west Texas. Anyway, some good news to report is that Saul has learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. He is thrilled! And really fast. Good thing the wheels are only 12" in diameter or he would really get away from me in a hurry. Esther likes to ride her bike (with the training wheels) just as leisurely as Saul does speedily. She is all lady.

Phoebe is rolling over now. Sometimes she sleeps in the crib in the boys room and the rest of the time she sleeps in the bassinet in our room. Either place, she sleeps all night. When she is in the crib, she is all over the place. It's funny! She is five months now and a little sweetie.

We are frantically trying to finish up our school year by May. Oh, I can't wait for a break. I think it is official that we will not have any more children. We love the ones that we have, but I just don't know if I can continue to homeschool if I have any more babies. I am about worn out. And homeschooling my children is important to me. Plus, I'm not getting any younger you know.

My hair is growing out nicely for the first time in years. I actually am liking it. I'm kinda just letting it do what it does naturally, and it is going pretty well. I've about got it back to its natural color also. That's a first with it long! You know I'm getting older now. I've been reading Anne Frank's diary the past couple of days. I never did when I was in school. It makes you think. I sure sweat the small stuff, I've realized.

Good night, for now.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hello!!! Yes, I only blog three times a year on average. One down, two to go. Phoebe laughed tonight at Naomi. It was so sweet. I couldn't get her to laugh at me for love or money.

Started a new school schedule this week. I asked Chad to set one up for me. We needed some structure or we weren't going to get anything done by May. The new line-up went great yesterday. I didn't get good sleep last night, so today was only mediocre. Phoebe has been sleeping through the night for about a week. Friday night we moved her out of our room. It was great! I love that kid, but I sure don't want her sleeping in my room. Anyway, last night she fell asleep early, around 7 p.m., and wouldn't eat again at 9 p.m. or so. I figured she wouldn't make it through the night, and she didn't. That's okay. Each day is a new day. Tonight she went to bed at 9, and the last thing she did before sleep was eat. I shouldn't see her again until morning. I'm still not going to spend too much time at this computer, though.

A young man rang the door bell rather excitedly this evening around 8:30 p.m. Chad was in the shower, all the kids were in bed, and I was feeding Phoebe. I peered through the peephole to see who was wanting our attention so badly. I had never seen this guy before. I did notice that he was wearing a Hustler t-shirt though. I didn't open the door. Sorry, but he didn't seem to be in any danger. As a mom of five small children, or I should say young children since Naomi is not that small, I really don't feel like dealing with strange men after dark. I couldn't offer much help anyway. Maybe he was selling something. I really need to get a No Soliciting sign. Yes, maybe I am a stick in the mud, but I am going with my gut feeling here. We live on a cul-de-sac, too. I don't think his car broke down. Enough on this subject.

We are thinking about buying a house soon. Pray that we would have wisdom and discernment. We really want to do the right thing in this. Pray that emotion would not lead us, but sound mind. We have wanted a home to call home for many years. As it nears, I get a bad case of butterflies in my stomach. Change is tough for me. I know we shouldn't stay in the rent house for much longer, but I dread getting used to something else. The funny thing is that it usually doesn't take me long to get used to the new place anyway. We have moved several times already. On a side note, everyone in our life group has a house for sale next door to their home. Talk about peer pressure! I feel guilty when I am not interested in those homes. I'm beginning to wonder of waiting until summer might be a better choice. More competition though. Everyone wants to move in the summer.

Well, it was good to be back. See you in about three months.