Monday, June 25, 2007

Naomi arrived home a little earlier than expected Friday afternoon. We had to jump out of the pool and race over to the church to pick her up. We were very glad to see her. Then we proceeded to go to CiCi's Pizza for dinner that night. It was a relaxed reunion. I bought Esther her first pair of flip flops on Saturday. She is so fond of them that she slept with them on her chest for her nap that first day. They are the first thing that she thinks of each morning. Chad and the boys went fishing Saturday morning while the girls and I went shopping for his Father's Day gifts. The kids were sick on Father's Day, so we celebrated it a week late. We got him a pair of athletic shorts and the new United CD. He said Saul has no fear when fishing, therefore Abram has gotten a lot braver too. Both boys love to fish just like their dad. Abram is now baiting his own hook, casting and taking the fish off the line. Apparently, Saul would just grab the fish right off the hook, and Chad had to hold him by his shorts so he could release the fish back into the water. That's my boys! I love for them to do that stuff with their father. What bonding!

Back to Naomi- she had a great week at camp. She felt good except for having pink eye in both eyes! Wow! I had that once and it is pretty miserable in the morning. She told us that she drank hot chocolate and orange juice with breakfast and then Dr Pepper with lunch and dinner. No wonder she was dragging when she got home from camp. I told her that she was probably having withdrawal symptoms. She has never has that much caffeine in her life. That's camp for you. Freedom! Also they would stay up until ten everynight. Naomi grew up a lot last week. I'm so glad she got to go. She spent Saturday afternoon and evening with Alena and her family. It may have been too much after a week at camp, but she had fun anyway. It ended up being another late night for her.

Sunday after church, both Paloma and Stran came over for the afternoon. The kids horsed around in the pool and rode bikes and played dress-up and whatever else they could think of to do. That evening we had life group. There were four couples including us and nine kids and two babies. It was total chaos (well not total) but still very good. I have come to the conclusion, and Chad agrees, that we will have to get a sitter at least to keep an eye on the little ones (and feed them and get them drinks) so that we can have discussion without being interrupted every five minutes. Esther was the main one whining. I think she has simply made a habit of it since being sick all of last week. Anyway you live and you learn.

I am feeling much better this week. I had really been in a funk the past couple of weeks. Thankfully the burden seems to have lifted. It's funny how everything can look so bad when one goes thru a season like that. I just felt angry all the time. Everything seemed to get on my nerves. I'm grateful to feel like myself again. I'm sure Chad is too. Most of my discontent was aimed at him, whether he knew it or not. I have no doubt that my enemy was shooting arrows at me nonstop. Thanks to God though I came through it with not too many wounds.

Right now our preacher is teaching on the different names of God. I continue to be challenged in my walk with Him. It is good. Not always fun, but good. Time for me to go to bed. I'm tired.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I pretty much just dragged around today. I am still dragging- probably won't write much. No, I am not sick, just worn out, I think. Esther was still feverish mid-day, but I hope that will be the last of it. Naomi comes home tomorrow. I'm ready. I miss her and I am anxious to hear all about her first camp experience. The first two nights that she was gone, Esther slept in her own room- I believe because she was feeling so sickly. Last night and tonight she insisted on sleeping on the floor in the boys room. I figured she would have wanted to sleep with them every night, but everything is different when there is an illness in the house. I wonder if Naomi will come back a little more independent after her week in the mountains. Either way, she and Abram are going to have to step up and help me more around the house because I cannot do it all. I see that more and more clearly each day. Alena, the girl that we co-host with another family from church, is here for the next month. She comes each summer from another country for six weeks to stay. We had her two summers ago full time. Last summer we had moved away, so another family picked her up. This summer, since we are back. we get to co-host. The other family keeps her most of the time, and we just take her a couple of days. Actually it is working out great because I am not responsible for getting her to all of her doctor appointments and so forth. She just comes here for a couple of days to have fun with the kids and to give the other family a break. She is nine, like Naomi, and comes from a family of six kids. She is second to youngest. Anyway, when she comes over, she is a big help to me without my even asking. I see that Naomi and Abram could be doing much more in the way of clearing the table, unloading groceries, andother little quick things like that. The timing is just right since I am about worn out. And really, the kids don't seem to mind. I've started asking them to help with extra things and it hasn't killed them yet. I never did anything as a child, so it is hard for me to realize what kids CAN do! They receive an allowance now and understand that it is for helping out with chores. I think Saul is ready for a little bit, too. He is so LOUD! Everything that he feels seems to come out in a yell or a whoop or a wail. Nothing quiet about him. That is simply how God made him. What type of man will he be, I wonder? Good night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow! Is it really the middle of June? Where have I been? I don't even know. We just celebrated Saul's 4th birthday. He got to be sick. Isn't that special?! Then of course, all the others have followed suit. Naomi almost didn't get to go to camp. I sent her anyway. Hopefully all is well since I have not heard anything. They are only five hundred or so miles away, so there is not much I could do now anyway. Except pray. Since my last blog, I have finished up the kids' schoolyear, went to my niece's graduation in LA, set up an above ground pool for the first time with Chad's help, of course, and prepared to send my daughter to camp in another state. I am past the half-way point in my pregnancy. All is going well there. The sun has arrived in west Texas, which is good if you want to swim, not so good if you are pregnant. Actually, I still am pretty comfortable. The old belly is starting to get in the way, though, especially if one is trying to hold sick kids in one's lap. I am trying to enjoy the summer, but the work never seems to end. God is faithful, as usual, I must admit. He has not given me more than I can endure (1 Cor. 10:13).

I ordered the kids' curriculum for this upcoming year today. The total came in at less than $500. I am becoming realistic in what I will actually be able to accomplish during the school year, especially considering the birth of a baby at the beginning of it. I think I am at the end of my thoughts for today. I will hopefully try this again tomorrow. It is nice to be back.