Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What a sweetie!

I have been meaning to write down some of Esther's sayings, but I have never gotten around to it. She calls Naomi "Mamie", Abram "Babram", Saul "Tall", and Chad "Ma-dee" when she really wants his attention. I told him that he must be a really special dad to earn a title that is a combination of Mommy and Daddy! Actually, he is a wonderful father and husband.

We took the kids to see "Happy Feet" on Thanksgiving Day since we were all alone in our new home town with no family nearby. It was alright. The funny thing is that Saul calls it the "peng-y movie". Every time I hear him say it, I laugh. Kids are surely funny at his age- most of the time, anyway.

The weather has been rather brisk here. It puts one in the Christmas mood immediately! Last night we had chili for dinner, and Saul was stuffing corn bread muffins into his bowl and then scooping big spoonfuls into his mouth one after another. Abram didn't eat any of his, except to dip a saltine cracker in for a little of the juice. As I watched Saul eat, I got an image of him eating when he is the size of Chad and I almost fell out of my chair. There will be no such thing as leftovers at that time. Abram will probably even eat what is in front of him by then. I have already told both of them that I will have to put a padlock on the fridge when they get to be teenagers. Abram can hardly believe it. I don't think Saul even heard me.

As for my sweet girls, they are very close even though there is a six-year age difference. I attribute this to homeschooling. They share a room and spend much of the day together. I am thankful. I love seeing the relationships between my children. They know and like each other. They do life together, and I get to witness it. What a blessing! Enough for now- back to work.

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janjanmom said...

Saul was chewing too loudly to hear!

Welcome to the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy journaling your life for posterity's sake.

Homeschooling doesn't always breed love and loving behaviour. Mom and Dad must have modeled it.( :