Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I just finished curling Naomi's hair. It looks lovely, and she is so happy. Yesterday I let her play around with my hair while I was reading with Abram on the couch. I think that was the high point of her day, if you can believe it. I was planning to let my hair grow, but I will definitely do it now. She enjoys fixing hair so much that it would be good practice for her to work on my hair. Maybe she will even learn how to braid it for me. Esther won't let her do very much with her hair because it knots so easily. I have had to start braiding Esther's hair every night before bed just to keep it from becoming a bird's nest while she sleeps. She has beautiful hair, but it is labor intensive.

Chad left this morning to fly to St. Louis for a walk-thru at a base out there. He will be home tomorrow evening. We don't like for him to leave anytime, but now he will have to miss the Wednesday evening service at church, which he enjoys very much. It won't be as easy for me either to get all the kids settled for dinner. Actually it will probably work out just right since we usually have about 20 minutes to spare. I am supposed to lead my small group for the ladies' bible study tonight. I really like the women in my group. I didn't know any of them before we started. One of them homeschools also.

I'm off for now. Bye.

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