Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Tomorrow

Okay, tomorrow is the first day of spring. Says who? The equinox? Whatever! We'll see. We had a short but severe storm Monday evening. We got to witness a straight-line wind over 60 mph in the backyard. Talk about pick up some dirt and throw it! We have no grass back there due to the dogs and the swimming pool that we put up last year, not to mention the fact that we live in west Texas. Anyway, some good news to report is that Saul has learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. He is thrilled! And really fast. Good thing the wheels are only 12" in diameter or he would really get away from me in a hurry. Esther likes to ride her bike (with the training wheels) just as leisurely as Saul does speedily. She is all lady.

Phoebe is rolling over now. Sometimes she sleeps in the crib in the boys room and the rest of the time she sleeps in the bassinet in our room. Either place, she sleeps all night. When she is in the crib, she is all over the place. It's funny! She is five months now and a little sweetie.

We are frantically trying to finish up our school year by May. Oh, I can't wait for a break. I think it is official that we will not have any more children. We love the ones that we have, but I just don't know if I can continue to homeschool if I have any more babies. I am about worn out. And homeschooling my children is important to me. Plus, I'm not getting any younger you know.

My hair is growing out nicely for the first time in years. I actually am liking it. I'm kinda just letting it do what it does naturally, and it is going pretty well. I've about got it back to its natural color also. That's a first with it long! You know I'm getting older now. I've been reading Anne Frank's diary the past couple of days. I never did when I was in school. It makes you think. I sure sweat the small stuff, I've realized.

Good night, for now.

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janjanmom said...

I audibly gasped when you popped up in my reader. I hang on your every update...Miss you!!

Trusting God can also trusting in medical technologies. (ie. vasectomy and/or tubal ligation) I feel just as saved as my sisters with ten children(or five!). And, I know if he needs to, he can over-ride any decisions I have made. (I have three children to prove that!)