Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Choosing this day

I am choosing to have a good day today. And it is happening. I just heard Saul say, "Abram, isn't it a beautiful day right now?" The timing was perfect for what I am writing. I already got some housecleaning goals for the day completed. Wow! I didn't know it was possible. The key for me is to give my children some independence. I tend to wait on them hand and foot-for instance, they are completely capable of picking out their own clothes and getting dressed. I still want to tell them what they should wear, and that is really not necessary. I am slowly trying to cut some of the apron strings. It is for their own good and my own. Early this morning, I was able to experience one of the most important aspects of homeschooling. When the kids got up, Naomi sat on the couch while the other three sat with me in the recliner. We had already plugged in the Christmas tree, and while we sat there in the quiet of the morning we played "ISpy". No rushing around; just time together enjoying one another and the morning of a new day. When I am asked why I homeschool, I tell people that it is not because I am an enemy of the public school system but simply because I enjoy having my children with me. When Naomi was first born, I became jealous at that time of someone having Naomi for eight or so hours a day while I didn't. Now I wasn't thinking of daycare, but looking ahead to kindergarten. I had already heard about homeschooling before I became a mom, so early in my first child's life I began pondering the homeschool option. Because of this, I had several years to work out the fears and worries of concerned family members about my children's social skills. I am glad to report that we really never hear objections from our family anymore about homeschooling. There is the occasional "So, when are you going to put the kids in school?", and my reply is always that I don't know yet. The Lord shall give us direction. As for socialization, the kids have no problem getting along with other kids. In fact, every child they meet interests them. They are great kids. I had to laugh yesterday afternoon at Naomi. My kids are pretty naive about things outside our home, and I don't mean just the bad things. The UPS guy delivered some boxes for Chad's job, and the guy is famous for ringing the doorbell and then leaving. Anyway, by the time we get to the door, he is long gone from view. But his truck isn't. Well, Naomi was the first to get there and she said that is was boxes. Then she proceeds to tell us that they were from "world wide service". Most other kids would know that the brown truck was UPS. She simply had read their promise on the back of the truck. Sorry, but it really struck me as funny. I chuckle now as I type it.

Hope you have a good day, too.

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