Sunday, January 14, 2007

Severe Weather Alert

We are definitely iced in this morning. We looked on the web first thing when we got up. Preacher Mike's blog said that he had spoken to the police dept. and therefore cancelled services this morning. We also looked at Beltway's website and they had cancelled also. If that hadn't convinced us though, the sight of our vehicles covered with a layer of solid ice would have. We took the kids outside to show them the bushes that were frozen and that was when we got a close-up of the cars. We don't park any of them in the garage because we don't have an automatic door opener (it would only cost $35 to order one from Sears but we haven't gotten around to discussing it with the landlord yet) and it is not worth the time to manually open and close the garage door unless there happens to be an ice storm in the area. Anyway, we are not expecting any emergencies. Who would?!

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janjanmom said...

Do I see a $35 investment in your future?