Monday, January 29, 2007

Sorry I haven't checked in all weekend. Just spending time with my family is all I can say. On Saturday, we drove around the countryside some more and then made the big trip to Wal-Mart. Since I am potty-training Esther, I was not much help at the store. She and I spent most of the time in the restroom where she refused to use the big toilets. She screamed and yelled because she really had to go but did not want to do so. She ended up holding it until we got home. It's still worth the hassle, though, to have her out of diapers. When we got home it was lunchtime. When we put the little kids down for a nap, Chad and I decided to take one also and ended up sleeping for about two hours. It was wonderful!

On Sunday, we had a guest preacher by the name of R.T. Kendall. He spoke about "dignifying the trial" mentioned in the second and third verses out of James 1. They read as follows:

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance."

He really focused on how we can be joyful in the midst of our trials. His first point was based on 1 Corinthians 10:13, which is one of my favorite verses. I have really leaned on that truth over the years. He also pointed out John 5:44 and how we can please God rather than man when going thru a trial. It was a good reminder about how life in Christ can be while here on earth. It can and should be joyful.

We had our life group again Sunday evening, and it was a lot of fun. We had finger foods and played games. Next week we are going to one of the other couple's home for the Super Bowl. We are really getting to know one another better. I'm thankful.

I wrote half of this yesterday (Monday) but had to leave off for childcare reasons. Yesterday the kids and I finished Johnny Tremain. I think I read over 100 pages, but I'm not sure. I'm glad to be done. It was a good book. This week we slow the pace down to a normal schedule, except for the fact that we all have dentist appointments over the next two afternoons. I have to get a crown put on one of my teeth. It has been broken for a about a year almost to the day. I broke it about three days after we moved to Kentucky and was never had time to get it fixed while there. So today is the big day to start the process of getting it capped. Tomorrow I am getting a haircut, or trim rather. I am trying to let it grow long again. I feel like I will be able to do it this time. We'll see. Right now it needs to be shaped. I haven't had it cut in almost three months but that does allow for it to grow. I hope to be back with an update tomorrow.

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