Saturday, January 6, 2007

We took the kids to Home Depot this morning for the free kids' craft that they offer on the first Saturday of every month. We have been participating for about two years now. Each child receives a small building kit of some sort. Today it was a bag holder (Wal-Mart bags, for instance). It is really neat. We parents usually have to assist in the assembly of the project which involves hammer and nails. After the child completes the project on site, he or she will receive a certificate and snacks. Our kids really look forward to it each month. Actually, Chad and I do also. Home Depot gives the kids cool orange aprons too. All the children end up looking like miniature employees-of-the-month. Today Naomi and Saul each won the give-away prize for the girl and boy respectively. She got Tinkerbell wall stickers and he got Nemo wall stickers which they each promply put up on their stark white, rental house, bedroom walls. That worked out pretty well for Esther and Abram since they share the rooms with them.

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