Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Woke up to a little snow on the ground this morning. Needless to say, the kids were all excited. They didn't know about until their dad was walking out the door for work and commented that there was snow on the ground. They immediately forgot about the rest of their breakfast and started running around whooping and hollering. I helped them a little with the donning of their snow clothes but had decided that I would not wear myself out for them to be outside for 10 minutes. Because of the lecture that I gave them on this subject, they did stay outside for about 20 minutes. Every 30 seconds or so, they would call out to me to see something they had discovered in the backyard. I finally had to tell them not to call me unless it was an emergency because I wanted to get dressed. Not long after, they came in.

Abram is starting to read with confidence. He has turned that corner where a person sees the joy it can bring. He is asking me if he can read his next story instead of the other way around. This morning he began reading one of his earlier books to Saul. It was a great moment!

While we were home so much this past weekend, Chad discovered a new love- building with Legos. I don't know how many different houses and boats he put together- everything that was in the book probably. Now he wants more. I suggested we hit some garage sales because we could probably find them for pretty cheap. He liked that idea. He also did about ten puzzles with the kids. I even helped on the one with 750 pieces. What was I thinking when I bought that from Aldi for $2? Actually, it was fun since we were all working on it together. No, we did not finish it.

Special note for JanJan: Chad went to the store yesterday and bought five more gallons of milk. We drink it at every meal.

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janjanmom said...

I told my stepmom we liked puzzles and she got Kayla a 1000 piece puzzle. It'll be a while!

I admire your calcium rich bones.
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