Friday, February 16, 2007

It's funny how the enemy can make us argue with the ones we love and are in agreement with over spiritual matters. Chad and I had words Wednesday night after church and again early Thursday morning. We threw out some accusations at each other and then didn't talk until lunch time yesterday. It had been awhile since I was last angry with him. It was good (now that we are on speaking terms again!). It all started when I asked him how the Q&A meeting on spiritual gifts had gone. I am attending a ladies' bible study so wasn't at the meeting that night. Well, as Chad began to fill me in with details (and he is very good at remembering details), I made a few faces about the subjects discussed. Chad and I are at different stages in our walk with the LORD and also have different personalities too, which I believe play into the whole thing. I mean, we are created uniquely, each one of us. We all have different life experiences that affect our faith. Chad got offended by my facial expressions, which I can understand, and then he decided I must be very close-minded because of it. Normally, we will give each other grace for differences in opinion. But not that night. It is amazing to both of us now how quickly things can escalate in those situations. I was mad and hurt. I don't know what he was feeling, but I'm sure it was about the same. We have since made peace- Chad approached me at lunch time to do so (I just wasn't up to extending the olive branch first). These trials always boost us along in our faith and our relationship as husband and wife. So, I am thankful. I sure didn't enjoy it though. Well, Saul is standing at my side asking for his morning banana. I must go now.


janjanmom said...

He would not like the facial expressions I make concerning spiritual gifts either. Anytime our church does an "inventory", it becomes a crutch for some of the members, ie "I really don't think I can teach kids anymore, it isn't my spiritual gift. I'm really more of an encouragement person."

I don't think God would honor something that gives us a fresh set of excuses not to serve. Having said that, I hope your church is different,benefits greatly from it and it is to God's glory!

Also, I am glad to know great marriages still sometimes have a fight or me hope.

janjanmom said...

Hey darling, I hope life is just keeping you busy!

...missing you.