Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay, I'm back. After not blogging for a week, Chad finally asked me if I just wasn't going to do it anymore. I said that I just hadn't taken the time, so he said to do it now. So here I am. We are expecting numero cinco some time late this fall. We just found out Sunday morning. Of course, we suspected as much. I was a little concerned about having had dental work done when I might have already been pregnant, but I know that I must trust God in this. After all, He knows all. I have my new gold tooth in now, by the way. It's so shiny! Just a sparkling smile!

I had a really good conversation with my sister the other night. Some real bonding happened. She is 13 years younger than me, so we have not had much in common (other than our parents) until the last two or so years. I really feel for her being a young married woman with two small children, trying to balance work and family. It's not easy in those early years. She's doing well, though, and I am trying to encourage her when I talk to her. I know that we all need someone to encourage us. Her faith is growing in leaps and bounds, too, I noticed.

There is one funny thing I wanted to write about before I forget it. Last week sometime, Saul and Esther were playing in the back yard together. Well, we suddenly hear screaming and yelling from them both. I assumed they were fighting and didn't move from where I was hanging clothes in Naomi's room since I saw Chad running out to see what all the commotion was. Come to find out, the neighbor's little terrier, Tina, had snuck in through the gate. She often comes in to play with Abram. Saul and Esther, in particular, do not enjoy her as much. Apparently, Esther was laying on the ground screaming and Saul was between Esther and the dog yelling when Chad arrived on the scene. Chad said that Saul would have been cursing if he knew how as he protected his sweet innocent little sister from the big evil dog. He was yelling something along the lines of "You get out of here or I'll ..." as he shook his fists with rage. The dog only wanted to play. Chad escorted her home and the excitement ended shortly thereafter. This is daily life at our house. I figured that Saul would be the protector type, and I think that I am right. He has a short fuse concerning things that he thinks are not right. He sure is a good boy. I just pray that those strong feelings that he has will be God-honoring in his life. I think that they will. Naomi has really been growing in her faith this last year. She is just as pleasant as can be. She accepted Christ as savior back in the fall. She hasn't been baptized yet because we moved right after she had done so. I prefer to do it at our current church since Chad will be able to baptize her here. Abram is understanding more and more each day too. He has a good heart. He believes in God but doesn't fully understand the need to be saved from his sins yet. He's close. I just keep watching and praying. More than anything else I want my children to be followers of Christ. I have faith that they will be. That reminds me- since Naomi found out that we are expecting another baby, she has been praying every chance she gets that we will have twin boys. I'm afraid it will happen because of the faith of her prayers. God knows best. That's all for now.

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janjanmom said...

I'm scared for you. When Erika and Kayla were 2 and 3, they prayed faithfully about three times a day for snow. When it came it was deep and shut down the city for a couple days. Kid prayers have special pull with God. Go ahead and pick up a double stroller next time you see one at a yard sale. ( :