Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's just after lunch, Thursday, and it is snowing. Big, fat flakes. I don't know if they will accumulate or not. Depends on how long it lasts, I guess. It is very cold today. Not as cold as IL, I'm sure, but still cold. I had a bowl of soup for lunch, and we are going to have leftover gumbo tonight- perfect for cold, damp weather.

We attended a meeting at church last night concerning youth and for youth. It included many of the local church youth groups and was very informative on what youth are being bombarded with today. It was very encouraging to see so many teens in one room worshiping the Lord, probably upwards of 500, would be my guess. It really is a war for their very souls. Chad and I are doing battle for our own children, but I don't know how much we are doing for others. What would the Lord have me do, I wonder? I will just have to pray about it.

Our dentist appointments went well. Chad grimaced a little over having to pay some money out of pocket for my checkup. I am going to start the process of getting my tooth crowned next week. I could have begun on Tuesday, but I just couldn't without sleeping on the price. My insurance won't cover a crown and it only costs $950. After I slept, I thought it was worth it and Chad agreed. That emergency fund sure is handy to have at a time like this. Well, it is time for naps and the afternoon school session. I'll have to go now.

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