Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow! It's been almost two weeks since I blogged last. I guess I sort of checked out there for a while. I think it is partly due to being pregnant and tired right now and partly because of the homework that I have to do as part of my bible study class. Anyway, I've missed it!

Earlier today, I tried to take a pregnancy test at the local health unit. The doctor who delivered Esther no longer delivers babies, so I had to find a new doctor. The new doctor requires that I bring in proof that I am pregnant, but it can not be a home pregnancy test. That is why the kids and I made a trip to the unit this morning. I had called yesterday to find out the procedure and was told "I think they do a blood test." Okay. She thinks they do a blood test. I arrived this morning during the designated hours and entered the nurse's office. She proceeded to ask me how many periods I had missed and since it wasn't two yet, I would need to do a blood test. The stipulation for that is that you could not have had any relations with your husband seven days prior to the test. If only the woman on the phone yesterday had given me some details! Anyway, I said I would come back in a couple of weeks because I wasn't in a rush anyway. My first appointment with the doctor is not until April 17th. Well, the nurse strongly encouraged me to do the blood test when I return, but I told her the urine test would be fine with me. She frowned at me like I was a 15-year-old schoolgirl. I left. It struck me as silly that she would want a housewife and mother of four to take a blood test for proof. Seems unnecessary to me. Either test will show proof of pregnancy. Meanwhile, the kids behaved themselves very well out in the hallway. Saul didn't like the idea of waiting out there, but Abram told me as we left that Saul tried to be defiant by not sitting in his chair like he had been told to do. However, when a lady walked out of the office, he quickly found a seat! She didn't even know he was supposed to be sitting down. I thought it was funny! He's not so brave yet.

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