Thursday, March 15, 2007

Esther loves to pray at mealtime and bedtime. We don't always understand what she is praying, but she is faithful and the cutest part is that she often follows her prayers with the line "Jesus is coming" in a very sincere voice. We don't know where she learned it, but we love to hear her say it. I always reply, "Yes, Jesus is coming." We're to have faith like a child, you know.

My good friend from Kentucky and her family were here to visit Tuesday evening and Wednesday. The first night they had dinner with us. She has three girls of her own, so we sat all the kids at the dining room table while we adults just ate in the living room. Well, Esther was sitting between two of the girls, both of whom she did not remember. To Esther they were complete strangers. While everyone else began eating their dinner, Esther just sat there tight-lipped and glancing around. Twenty minutes later when everyone was done and had left the table, Esther, finally sitting alone, began to eat her food. And she cleaned the plate. She did loosen up by the end of the evening, and we all had a wonderful visit. Yesterday we went to Frontier Texas! which is located here in town. It was really interesting and kid-friendly. It told of the history of this particular part of Texas through film, artifacts, and art. Saul and Esther had no problem staying with us. It was great!

Last night I had my first Pampered Chef party. My friend is a consultant, so I hosted a party for her. There really are some fantastic products in Pampered Chef. Chad and I both like to cook; me mostly out of necessity. Therefore, most of the products really appealed to me. I only had three people show up, but I have a couple who want to look at the catalogs. I love looking at the catalog!

Today I think we will do a little shopping. I just noticed that Bed, Bath & Beyond has a clearance sale on sheet sets. I need to get some for the kids. Then we will just mosey on through the rest of that shopping center afterward. Stores like Old Navy, Ross, and others are there. Have a good day!


janjanmom said...

I enjoyed doing your party so much!! I hope you enjoy all your new toys.

Hope you found awesome sheets on clearance!

janjanmom said...

I miss you. ):