Thursday, January 11, 2007

We did some house cleaning yesterday; well, I guess I did most of it actually. Chad does a great job of regularly vacuuming and dusting, so all I really have to do is take care of the bathrooms and mop the floors. I also washed the sheets yesterday, and naturally it was extremely windy outside while the kids played in the backyard. They had dust all over their clothing and all the way down to the roots of their hair. We have a Wednesday evening service at church and don't usually get home until close to 8:00 p.m. (their bedtime). Well, I told Chad that they absolutely had to have their hair washed, I didn't care how late it was because I wasn't about to have any dirty heads lay down on clean pillowcases. Of course, Chad didn't argue. Washing the sheets is a special occasion for me, as you can see.
We are still reading Johhny Tremain. It only has 322 pages that I have to read aloud to the kids. Thank God that it is a very interesting story, otherwise I might croak in the process.
I was just now able to demonstrate to Naomi the art of indenting a paragraph. I had just been skipping a line between the paragraphs rather than indenting, so when she pointed in out I went back to do it the other way for her. Every day when we do her dictation she has to indent, so it caught her attention.
Chad and I are at another crossroads in life which I talked about yesterday but didn't post it. I just drafted it because I didn't know if I was ready to hear anyone else's opinion on the subject. I am so reserved in that way. Anyway, Chad said that he has realized that he needs to participate in the homeschooling process actively, not just as a principal-type figure. We think that maybe helping with the history reading would be a good place for him to start . I read the fiction, such as Johnny Tremain, but he will read the textbook portions which are not very long but just seem to be too much for me to do. He is a very good husband. God has blessed our marriage and continues to do so.

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janjanmom said...

You are such a lucky woman. I hope you are counting your blessings. I am counting your blessings and loving my nice green complexion.