Monday, February 5, 2007

Colts won! I hardly watched any of the game, but I am glad they won. I would not have been upset had the Bears won, though. Chad pulled up some interviews with players from both teams for me to see before the game yesterday afternoon, and quite a few of them, along with both head coaches, are Christians who are strong in their faith. That was quite refreshing to see. And encouraging! I love to see men and women who confess their LORD.

Life group was fun. The guys watched the game and the gals talked and the kids played. Everyone had a good time. The food was good. The fellowship was good. All in all it was a good evening. Only problem was that Chad and I did not get to bed as early as we should. He is very tired today. Of course, he also gets up about an hour earlier than I do.

The kids start Echo tonight. It is a program at our church that teaches worship through the arts. I enrolled the kids in Hip Hop beginners. They will attend a class every Monday night for the next two months, and then our church has a worship night in which everyone is invited to come. It has always been wonderful and moving. Naomi has participated once before about two years ago. This will be Abram's first time. It will be good for them. They are always dancing here at home to the worship music, so I do not think they will have any problem practicing.

Nap time. Gotta go.

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janjanmom said...

Well I hope you at least got some sleep on Saturday!